Winery Frug

The project for a winery and distillery with catering and museum space represents the reconstruction of the existing Navip complex in Petrovaradin, defined through a modern architectural expression, integrated into the local context, which with its authentic appearance completely transposes the contents of the object.
The reconstruction of the existing complex was preceded by the removal of damaged buildings and silos on the plot. The basic body of the existing building, with 7 vaults, was retained as the central motif from which the new building was further developed, more precisely, two visually identical annexes added on the sides in the form of a distillery and a winery.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Public object

Petrovaradin/ Novi Sad/ Serbia

Frug doo

Project team:
Nikola Novaković
Marko Savić
Đina Prnjat

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The architectural intervention can be defined by a minimalist approach through the use of 2 materials: concrete as an existing material that remains on the upper part of the central body and a uniform brick envelope on the ground floor of the building that connects the annexes with the central building.
The number of floors of the building remains unchanged: basement, ground floor and attic.

The ground floor of the central part, which is planned as a catering and gastronomic center, was treated as micro-urbanism within the building itself so that the perforated concrete cubes appear as micro-units within the main entity.
Such a unique plan and solution resulted from the existing concrete wine tanks that were kept in their original form, but treated as functional units of the interior by being opened from the sides.

The attic-gallery of the building was designed as an exhibition space where the historical genesis of the former Navip winery, the wine routes of Vojvodina, would be presented, through which the visitor would discover the wine scene of this province in a creative and authentic way.

Special attention was given to the arrangement of the grounds of the complex itself, which is also inspired by wine, more precisely by champagne, in the form of green circles on the ground floor, which alludes to the bubbliness as a product of this beverage. This multifunctional plateau is intended as a future space for wine and beverage festivals and the presentation of gastronomic offers from Vojvodina and the region.