Villa 'STOLIV'

Constructing buildings that stand out from the traditional architecture of the Bay of Kotor, without imposing on the spirit of the place – the genius loci – is very challenging. “Villa Stoliv” is located in the small fishing village of Stoliv, on very inaccessible terrain, approximately 8 km from Kotor, just opposite the ancient town of Perast. The view of the bay and its islands from here is impressive, and this has had a decisive impact on the design of the building.
Thoughtful dedication to the aspects and needs of the environment and of contemporary society has resulted in a modern and refined architectural expression. The building was designed following an analysis of the given location and atmosphere and the investor’s requirement to come up with an original approach to the design which would focus on the view of the bay.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Private Villa

Stoliv, Kotor

Pluto Capital d.o.o.

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Marijela Pajic

Photo Credit:
Nenad Mandic

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The villa is shaped like a shell, open towards the sea, which creates a unique visual expression, in both the interior and the exterior of the building. The applied architecture accentuates the surrounding nature and is a reflection of modern developments in organic architecture.
The building is characterised by an absence of classical rectangular architecture. The form is determined by radial walls clad with stone, forming three basic units, which are both functional and structural parts of the structure, with large, glass surfaces that bring the natural surroundings into the building, subtly interlacing the interior with the exterior.The connection with the landscape, with the configuration and geology of the terrain is the leitmotif of the project. The building, its yard and facilities closely follow the terrain, always paying respect to the striking landscapes all around. That is why the form remains monumental but unpretentious, whereas the composition is strong but simple, and the construction is genuine and in harmony with nature.