Villa 'M'

Single family villa M is located in Dobrota, in an impressive seaside setting with peculiar views at the bay landscape. The house is defined by two volumes which alternate, and are both connected with internal connection as well as the unique external corridor.
Contemporary minimalistic architecture is conceived in accordance with the sloped terrain, while the ambients gradually reveal themselves coming from the north to the south. The distinct accent in space is the continual breach, which provides the direct contact from the entrance to the main views of the house. It also accomplishes the framing of the sea horizon. The form of the villa is clearly defined by the vertical differentiation, where the living zone of the ground floor represents strong pedestal treated with rough concrete, on which rests the subtle cube made of white composite panels, where sleeping areas are located.

Project year

Project status
Under Construction

Project type
Private Villa

Dobrota, Kotor

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Aleksandar Lukic

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The volume of the house develops from the inside, with lateral penetrations of the light which manage to accomplish the dynamics of the internal space which then continues through the cascades of the exterior, generating the harmonious continuity of architecture and natural environment.