Villa Lepetane

The intervention on the stone house in Lepetane reflects the designer’s ethical relationship with the existing historical entity. In this reconstruction, among other things, relationship is based on preserving the found historical layer of stone walls, which is particularly reflected in the treatment of the front facade wall, both on its street side and on the inside.

Project year

Project type
Private Villa


Photo by
Miloš Martinović

The building was formed according to the house-in-house system, in such a way that we have a double front facade, the original stone, as a historical layer, and a structural facade, as a new layer.

The connection between these two facades is established by steel terraces, bridges from the windows of the stone walls to the structural facade, so that the window becomes an opening from the terrace.

Such a distance from the building was carried out all the way to the roof, without disturbing the traditional appearance of the building and the row, and creating a new and different approach to the treatment of old houses.