Villa Komosevina

The project is located in the area of Komoševina, on a plot that is on a large slope and overlooks the Budva Bay and the Mogren Fortress.
The concept solution and the shape of the building was inspired by the characteristics of the plot itself- its shape, slope and orientation. The aim was to create a contemporary architecture that emphasizes that “one stroke” shape that the initial concept was made of. The resulting volume of the building resembles a structure that rises from the existing terrain and dives into it, creating a continuous “loop”.
The positioning of the main corpus of the structure, the sloped green roof and the pool is made in order to ensure the views towards the sea but also accent the most attractive ones- Budva Bay and Mogren fortress.
Even though the villa is designed to have large glass openings, keeping the privacy of the users was very important, which is achieved by the shape-the structure itself works as a visual barrier to keep the inner part of the plot as well as the openings private.
The pool is designed in the longitudinal direction and it has an overflow, and it overlooks the open sea, which creates the effect of an infinite water mirror.
The most important aspect was to create architecture that is respectful towards the site and the nature. By applying sustainable and organic architecture, the building communicates in the most possible natural way with the terrain on which it is located, while the green roof on the building compensates for the loss of greenery due to the construction of the building.

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Komosevina, Budva, Montenegro


Project team:
Nikola Novaković
Nikoleta Savić

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