The project is situated in Budva, in close proximity to the Old Town, which to a large extent has defined the architecture of the structure. This location offers unobstructed views of the open sea and the Island of St. Nicholas.
The building is vertically divided into commercial and residential zones. The structure’s base is inclined towards the interior, drawing back and forming a retracted entrance zone, while the residential levels protrude and their surfaces mostly open out towards the view. This transformation has altered the ideal rectangular shape and created a sharp, crystal-like structure whose white reflective finish lives up to the building’s name.

Project year

Project status
Competition- II prize

Project type

Budva, Montenegro

Monterra Montenegro d.o.o.

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Jovic Slobodan
Radovan Radoman
Ivan Milosevic

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The rigid contours have required the forming of luxurious cascade terraces that turn into green oases, welcoming nature into the urban setting. The commercial zone is developed as a dispersed public area modelled after old town cores intersected by small streets.
The simple envelope of perforated aluminium panels that surround the structure has different functions while providing the final visual touch without obstructing the view of the town. The mobility of the façade, which is adapted to the needs of residents, is also a reflection of fluctuation in the urban landscape, and in the building’s design. The panels allow the regulation of insolation and noise, make for an intimate atmosphere and offer an openness towards the landscape, with an uninterrupted air flow.

The design of the building is also based on the historical architecture of Montenegro, since it follows the contours and appearance of a typical single-sloped roof of a house from the Paštrovići region, while the whole structure is a natural monolith whose form represents a metaphorical salt crystal on the coast of the Budva Riviera.