Restaurant 'Legat 1903'

The interior of the restaurant unites the creative worlds of gastronomy and architecture, providing the highest level of hedonistic experience. The dialectical connection between these two worlds begins with the design path, so it was necessary to design an interior that would affirm the class that this restaurant concept deserves. The goal was to create a cosmopolitan place that is not bound to any specific region but belongs to the whole world.
The concept is based more on affirming the culinary excellence than the space itself. The design, materials and atmosphere of the restaurant are conceptualised so as not to take primacy over the gastronomic delights, but to focus on the protagonist of the story – the superb food. Concentrated lights create different atmospheres and put the tables in the focus, and the choice of dark materials, combined with bright details, creates a warm, cosy atmosphere, much like a theatre stage. The interior of the restaurant
manifests itself through a blend of contrasts, which achieves a unique interior space that meets the expectations of the most demanding clientele, a space that gets to be rediscovered every time.

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Banja Komerc Bekament d.o.o.

Project team
Nikola Novakovic
Nevena Mijuskovic
Milica Samardzic
Mirjana Filipendin Uzelac
Sasa Radojkovic
Fahion Cattaro team

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The interior is dominated mainly by natural materials with a superior finish – wood, stone and brass – whose contrasts and tactile sensations create a luxurious ambience. The leitmotifs of the interior are the subtle brass lines, which extend across the floor and ceiling to the other spatial segments, connecting all the elements and navigating through the space. The quality of materials and the simplicity of elements give the whole space a touch of luxury and elegance, while the prevailing dark tones generate a certain mystique.
The restaurant terrace is made in harmony with the philosophy of the interior, where the greenery, water and wooden elements create an atmosphere ideal for enjoying a unique gastronomic experience.