Residential building "Vala"

Residential building “Vala” is located in Pržno, in a cosy setting of the sublime natural ambient of the olive grove below the main road, in the attractive location with views opening to the greenery and the sea. Nearby the plot, there are recreational green areas, tennis courts and hotel Maestral, which defined the rhythm of the planned facade with its distinctive architecture.
The inspiration for the architecture emerged from the built as well as the unbuilt surrounding, which brought out the pure modernistic form, interpreted through prism of the distinctive Mediterranean style.
The characteristic sloped roof of the stone segment emphasizes the analogy with the traditional “Paštrović house” which is skillfully combined with simple linear strokes of the contemporary minimalism.
The architecture of the building is defined by robust stone base which unravels the modernistic white lace spontaneously furrowed with green wreaths. The organic composition itself represents the way of interpolation of unique natural environment and symbiosis of the form with the environment in which it is settled.
This answer to the context from the functional aspect resulted with luxurious residential spaces with big glass openings and quality views, which are accomplished through continuous contact of the internal space and external ambient.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Residential object

Pržno, Budva

"Mont projects group" doo

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Nemanja Mitrovic
Sasa Radojkovic

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