Tourist Village 'MRKOVI'

The main question being implied during the design and work on the concept of Tourist Village 'Mrkovi' is: IS ARCHITECTURE REALLY NECESSARY ?

The conceptual design for a residential complex in Mrkovi stems from an analysis of the context of the environment itself and the cultural and historical heritage of the Luštica Peninsula. The pristine nature with unobstructed views of Mamula Island, Prevlaka and the horizon to the south, as well as of Mt. Orjen to the north, gives this site particular importance, but also calls for a more mindful approach to the treatment of the space, in which the architecture is not at the forefront and is not competing with nature, but is integrated into it to the greatest extent possible.

Project year

Project status
Concept design

Project type
Tourist village

Mrkovi/ Luštica/ Herceg Novi

Tenth Planet doo

Project team
Nikola Novakovic
Nikoleta Savic
Branko Lutovac

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One of our inspirations for creating the architectural structures was the fortifications on the peninsula itself, which, throughout history, have been strategically built on high ground, so as to have an unobstructed view of the horizon and, on the other hand, were designed in such a way that they could not be easily spotted from the open sea. Such a design principle is directly transferred to the development of the architectural form and layout of the buildings within the complex. Non-invasive construction, planned in this way, has a minimal visual impact on the environment, which was our original goal, and this is achieved by embedding the structures of the buildings deep into the ground, thus neutralising their impact.

This resort is situated in a location ideal for recreation, relaxation and exploration of the Montenegrin coast. The concept of low-rise architecture emphasises the conservation of flora and fauna, using local materials and modern construction techniques, and promoting the principles of sustainable architecture.