Aquarium 'BOKA'

The aquarium is located on the ground floor of the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor. The basic idea of ​​the interior design is to create an experience for visitors of moving through the depths of the sea in a free, fluid space, without restrictive directions or strictly defined lines of movement. This approach is best reflected in the aquarium’s floor surface, which is made up of terraces in four compatible shades of blue that mimic the colour of different depths of seawater, so that walking through the aquarium gives the impression of stepping from shallow to deep water. Also, authentic Mediterranean shells and colourful stones strewn along the walkway are integral parts of the museum’s exhibits, enhancing the impression of moving through blue waters. The general ambience of the main setting’s interior is that of a dark space which, by the interplay of light on the dark ceiling and blue hues of the sea depths, creates an authentic backdrop on the floor and places the emphasis on the contents of the aquarium.

Project year

Project status
Under Construction

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Institute of Marine Biology

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Nevena Mijuskovic
Kristijan Dapcevic
Sasa Radojkovic

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