'MOMIŠIĆI' Building

The planned building is located in Podgorica, in the residential area of Momišići. In an environment of non-systematic organisation of space and non-contextual architecture, the building necessarily has to stand as an authentic entity in that space.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Commercial and Residental building

Momišići, Podgorica

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Nikoleta Savic

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The concept stems from the investor's request that all apartments have clear views towards the River Morača. The pronounced longitudinal location has also dictated the geometry of the building, which was used to position equivalent housing units, and these units, in organisational terms, have been rotated to
maximise the potential of the location and to be well-isolated and to afford good views of the river, without disturbing the intimacy between them.
The shape of the building is in harmony with its polyvalent functions and the internal organisation of the space, which consequently results in a contemporary architectural expression incorporated into a pleasing visual whole.