Mamula Island

On a small, rocky island Lastvica, during the middle of 19. century, fort Mamula was built. An island is circular shaped, 200m diameter, placed at the very entrance into Boka Kotorska, in opposition to Herceg Novi, between Lustica and Prevlaka peninsulas.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Luxury boutique hotel

Island Lastavica/ Heceg Novi

Orascom Development Holding
MCM Architecture & Design from Portugal

Photo by
Mark Anthony Fox

"Projektor" DOO Tivat

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In cooperation with MCM Architecture & Design from Portugal, ENFORMA studio, took part in Preliminary design development, while during the Main design development took over the role of leading designer for reconstruction of this complex project which shall be used as the high rated hotel.
The value of Mamula as cultural heritage is the basic guiding idea for shaping and conceiving future tourist product in it and thus, the protection of an island and fort is with maximum care and thoughtful relation towards it is the core of TOR, which from Investor’s side had been delivered to designers’ team.

Nevertheless, an absolute lack of water and power supply, new hotel function, as well as standards of modern living and hotel industry, imposed mandatory implementation of new elements. These elements are reduced to minimum, but are still present.

In order to avoid mimicry, new elements had been clearly presented in space by using modern materials and forms. Authenticity of fort and landscape values are protected, while new structures are made in simple form, used through light materials and green roofs in order to minimize their impact on visual experience.
Reconstruction process is conceived as a reversible reconstruction, where added elements can be removed and thus return facility into previous condition.

Minimum interventions and preservation of facility’s authenticity was priority during designing process, but also throughout construction phase that had been followed up continuously by ENFORMA studio.