Fish market

Throughout history, the fish market has always been an important factor in the social life of Mediterranean towns, not only for trade, but as a place to go out, meet and socialise. The Kumbor Market, as part of the general urban plan for Porto Novi, continues the tradition of fish markets through the prism of innovative architecture of the future.
The market represents the architecture of transformation, offering a completely new approach to designing a public facility, which changes its purpose in accordance with the needs of the inhabitants, creating a dynamic, multifunctional space that is customised for everyone.

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Napredak AD

Project team
Nikola Novakovic
Radovan Radoman
Slobodan Jovic
Milica Samardzic

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The ground floor of the market figures as an extension of the square, logically building on the route of the promenade, and acting as the connective tissue between the two public spaces. During the day, the market serves as a green market for local products, while in the evening the adaptable space is quickly and efficiently transformed into a public stage, technologically adapted for artistic, audio-visual performances, as well as for various public events. Pre-fabricated sales booths are collapsible and can be quickly removed, thereby converting the green market into a gathering place important for the community's social life. The combination of the external envelope, made of traditional local stone, and the hidden high-tech core of the structure imposes itself as the logical implementation of the “house within a house” approach, where the needs of the modern lifestyle are reconciled with the rich cultural heritage.