Capital Estate Resort 'WAVE'

The basic idea for the development of the “Capital Estate Wave” complex is based on the establishment of a continually wavy loop, out of which structures rise and which generates a form that emulates the surrounding geography of the hills above the Budva Riviera. Since these are structures with large surface areas, which could potentially visually disrupt part of the local shoreline, the solution was to adhere to visual imitation and establish a harmony with nature and the immediate surroundings. That is how the entire complex is perceived – as a rich landscape of its own with many layers that also offer diverse recreational activities and commercial facilities, making it an ideal holiday destination.

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Becici, Budva

Company d.o.o.

JDS & Enforma

Julien De Smedt
Nikola Novakovic
Mateusz Gora
Biljana Janjusevic
Kristijan Dapcevic

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The pathway, the loop, which twists and turns, forming structures within the closed areas, is functionally perceived as a walking trail and as an accessible green roof. This roof design is an additional function of the hotel resort with user-oriented areas, such as areas for rest and relaxation, viewpoints and a fitness trail alongside the loop.
Along its path, the loop forms the basis for three main structures, which are the functional zones of this complex. These are the main hotel building, the annex, and the hotel apartment block which is on the other side of the main road, connected to the rest of the complex by a bridge.
The main axes of the structure wrap around the natural landscapes, thus erasing the borders between the interior and the exterior, private and public, which creates a pleasant and inviting environment.
This fluid form, a meander which simulates the existing geomorphology of the macro location, successfully establishes a dialogue between the monumental structure and the natural landscape, in which the new complex does not disturb the environment, but rather accentuates it.