'MAREVITA' Village

Our aspiration to provide, with architecture, a connection with the past and a vision of the future development of buildings in these sensitive locations was the signpost when designing this complex on the Luštica Peninsula. The factors that influenced the final expression are recognised in tradition, as an unmistakable foundation of contemporary architecture. The goal was to blend the buildings into the environment and thus reduce their visible structure. This has been achieved by "de-materialising" the basement floors, by cladding them in stone, thus simulating traditional drystone construction, and consequently the building is visually reduced to one level, more precisely to the structure of the ground floor.

Project year

Project status
Under Construction

Project name
Marevita Village


Alpha company d.o.o.

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Radovan Radoman
Slobodan Jovic

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Wanting to visually reduce the construction of the complex, we have reduced the upper floors to the smallest possible dimensions making them resemble a single-storey archetypal house, whose final appearance represents a contemporary interpretation of a traditional house. In addition to the architectural approach, the buildings are also characterised by split-level courtyards.
Besides the single-family and multi-family buildings, the complex of 24 buildings also has two apartment buildings, as well as common public spaces foreseen to enable the tenants to gather and socialise. Inspired by a traditional urban layout, which is defined by an irregular arrangement of buildings, the houses are oriented in accordance with the inclination of the terrain and the views, but also in accordance with the important factor of establishing intimacy for each house individually.
The goal is to create a high-quality complex which, with its thoughtful and clear expression, will become an attractive offer on the market, but which also sets a new approach in the design of similar projects on the territory of Montenegro.