Residential bulding 'GREEN HILLS'

Green Hills is a residential complex located in the hinterland of Tivat, in a natural and intact environment, with unobstructed views of the Bay of Tivat and the Luštica Peninsula. The client has also recognised that this locality requires a different approach to architectural imagination, which comes down to cohabitation with nature in a modern structure.
The form was defined by vertically arranging apartments as basic units in a recognisable composition, in which units are consolidated, so that each apartment feels like a private home with its own backyard. The terrace-like form of the structure has enabled the design of green roofs as functional fragments, in which residential units simulate living in a house with green terraces.

Project year

Project status
Concept Design

Project type
Residential building


Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Slobodan Jovic

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Private gardens allow for intimacy between neighbours in an open environment, while defining the recognisable architectural style of the building, incorporating nature into the structure. The differentiation of the integral clusters has been achieved by the alternate use of wood finishing and clear white surfaces. A significant part of the surface of the structure is covered by green terraces which allow the growing of autochthonous plant species, which can create intimate, pleasant and attractive settings.