Acacia Hills is a residential complex situated on the slopes of the hills above the village of Đenovići near Herceg Novi. The conceptual design for this complex was based on the fact that the complex is tucked away in the natural environment, far from the urban hustle and bustle, with a splendid open view of the sea
An archetypal house with a gabled roof was the leitmotif of the architectural expression and the basis for the design. Considering that the plan envisaged the construction of four major residential facilities inside the core of the complex, the idea was to use the façade of an archetypal house as an element that would allow the complex elements to emulate minimised houses, which would in a way assimilate them into this location.

Project year

Project status

Project type
Residental building

Djenovici / Herceg Novi

Pluto Capital doo

Project team:
Nikola Novakovic
Ana Petkovic
Radovan Radoman

Photo Credit:
Relja Ivanic

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This project introduces to collective housing the idea of a high-quality lifestyle by providing spacious and airy apartments with large windows and terraces that frame the landscape of the Bay of Kotor, and by offering the possibility to enjoy and spend time in the outdoor areas and micro-environments of this urban setting. In this sense, the focus has been on the landscaping of the surroundings in order to encourage the complex’s residents to bond, socialise and use the common areas and open terraces, and hang out in the gardens and by the large central pool.

The idea for the realisation of this complex was borne out of the local surroundings. Therefore, stone has been used to build the pedestals which serve as foundations for the structures, and also to clad the walls used in landscaping. The dominant terracotta colour of the façade was inspired by the colour of the soil in this locality.
The purpose of this project was to analyse a different approach to collective housing, in which the focus was on the quality and mood of residential units, and also on the social aspect, which is key for a quality life in a community and for a more recognisable language of new residential architecture.